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Our Work

Dedicated to Helping People

Ka'wáhse Street Patrol

The Street Patrol provides Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal homeless of Montreal downtown with supplies, information, support and referral services in order to alleviate the hardship of their situation and stabilize the living conditions of those at risk of abuse in the streets.

In addition, they operate a ‘centre de soir’ to offer increased possibilities to socialize and regain self-respect in a warm and culturally suited environment.

Activities for this period

  • Provide core services to homeless or at-risk individuals who would not otherwise be using the services of the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal’s day centre, night centre;
  • Monitor the whereabouts of homeless individuals;
  • Provide food, clothing, blankets, active listening, coaching, and counseling;
  • Assist homeless or at-risk clients with transportation to shelters and medical facilities;
  • Encourage Native clients to use the ‘centre de jour’ and ‘centre de soir’ of the NFCM;
  • Implement and operate a ‘centre de soir’ weekly;
  • Recruit volunteers to assist street workers in providing services;
  • Networking and coordination;

Our results for 2018 – 2019

  • 580 regular users of street patrol services;
  • 85 clients per night average received basic needs services (food,
    clothing, hygiene products);
  • 70 clients per night average received support services;
  • Joint mixed foot patrol with the SPVM, 1x week;
  • 55 transport requests to shelters/medical facilities.

Kaie:ri:nikawera:ke Day Centre

 The Project provides central, suitable, and appropriate facilities where services such as referral, food, clothing, emotional support and other services may be provided to Indigenous people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless by improving their living conditions, quality of life, and offer increased possibilities to socialize and regain self-respect in a warm and culturally suited environment.

The Day Centre continues to provide on-site support services to homeless people in downtown Montreal. Our team has worked towards an enhanced coordination of services among different organizations that support our mission.

These efforts have resulted in stabilization and improvement of living conditions; enhanced capacity of staff; expanded public awareness and encouraged use of Day Centre.

The project targets an improvement in the quality of life, in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health of urban Aboriginal peoples who are homeless, transient, no fixed address, or who are at risk of being homeless.

* We gratefully acknowledge the financial and in-kind contributions of Mazon Canada and Moisson Montréal toward our food security program.

Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program

The Native Friendship Centre of Montreal Inc. (NFCM) is collaborating with Indigenous Services Canada to continue providing emotional and cultural support services to former Indian Residential School (IRS) students and their families before, during, and after participation in Settlement Agreement (SA) processes, including Common Experience Payments (CEP) and the Independent Assessment Process (IAP), as well as those who participated in Truth and Reconciliation Commission events and Commemoration activities.

To Access our Emotional Support workers or Cultural Support Provider (traditional healer), contact us. Cultural support services are available Wednesday and Thursday on a first-come, first-serve basis from 1:30PM-5PM.

A Crisis Line is also available to provide immediate emotional assistance and referral 24 hours per day, 7 days a week by calling: 1-866-925-4419.



We acknowledge the financial contributions of the Government of Canada, Government of Québec, City of Montréal and corporate donors:

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