PHILOSOPHY: The Native Friendship Centre of Montreal’s philosophy is founded upon the spirituality of Aboriginal peoples for our collective well being.  Through exchange, training, discussion, conferences, and social engagements, the Friendship Centre works to develop, empower, and maintain a strong and integrated urban Aboriginal community.  NFCM’s Native Friendship Centre applies a holistic approach to programming and services to promote justice, fairness and equality for Aboriginal people.  We encompass all Native people in the community who request our assistance.

VISION: To be the leader among Aboriginal agencies in providing culturally appropriate programming, activities, services, and events in line with our socio-cultural mandate.


TEAMWORKTeamwork is the ability to mobilize together and cooperatively work toward a common purpose and result.

RESPECTThe acknowledgement, inclusion, and recognition of self and others through positive and meaningful actions.

EQUALITYThe inclusion and recognition of individuals without regard or prejudice to background, gender, status, or origin.

DISCIPLINESelf reliance, individual empowerment, determination, and self-control through integrity, teamwork, personal responsibility, character, and motivation.

TRUSTReliance, confidence, and absolute certainty of unconditional and non-judgmental acceptance and inclusion.

PRIDE Self respect, cultural esteem, and sense of personal worth and accomplishment.

HONORRecognition, distinction, tolerance, acknowledgement, and respect for individuals, groups, cultural principles, heritage, and traditions.

STRATEGIC ORIENTATION: To ensure the stability, enhancement, empowerment, and growth of the organization and the community we serve.